How It Works – SantaSnaps

How It Works

Receiving your very own custom Santa video from SantaSnaps has ever been easier!

Santa has been verified to be the tug-on-the-beard real-deal authentic self. His background's been cleared and he's been on the good list his whole life. He's ready to spread Christmas cheer like it's his full-time job (it is!). 

Step 1.
Order one (1) video for each receipient.
Step 2.
On the Checkout screen, you can choose to provide a script you'd like Santa to read (maximum 250 words) or leave it to Santa to share a cheerful message of his own. 
Step 3.
Enter the email address or phone number of the intended recipient, and your message from Santa wil arrive within 3 days. 
Once your video is ready, you'll receive an email like the example below to click and watch your password-procted special message from Santa himself: